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What is corporate massage?
  1. Massages are usually shorter in duration. Generally they are 15 or 30 minutes in duration but the amount of time can be set to accommodate the specific company.
  2. Clients don’t have to travel. The massage therapist will come to your place of work and set up for the day. This saves a lot of travel time going to and from your massage appointment. This convenience is a huge time saver for the employee. Massage can be done during breaks or lunch.
  3. Corporate massage is done right through your clothing. Employees can come for their massage and get right back to work feeling refreshed and energized. There is no down time other than the actual appointment. Its also a great introduction for employees not familiar with massage.
  4. Corporate massage is a great way to say thank you to the employees or clients.
Studies show that happy, healthy employees contribute to the overall success of a company. It is proven that people who receive regular massages have dramatically reduced workplace stress and related injuries. Reducing stress creates immediate and lasting results means a better working environment, with happier, healthier, more productive employees which contribute to the well being and success of the entire organization.
Benifits of Coporate Chair Massage :
  • Managing Stress - as muscular tension and pain are decreased, people feel an increase in energy and productivity
  • Decreasing Absenteeism - preventative health maintenance through Chair massage as well as the fact that people have something motivating to look forward to on days when massage practitioners are on-site.
  • Health Promotion and Wellness Programs - a unique and effective way to show workers that the employer cares about their well-being
  • Improving Employee Morale and Retention - employers can motivate employees and inspire loyalty by providing a supportive environment with the perk of healthy seated massage
  • Preventing burn-out, express appreciation for the late hours or extra time being put by workers During Extra Busy Times or Deadlines
  • Showing Appreciation for Employee Contributions - a great way to thank employees for a job well done or just to recognize their efforts and hard work
  • Company Events and Office Celebrations - wonderful gift for employees, clients ,colleagues
  • Intense Training Programs - when learning new information and integrating concepts while sitting for long periods, both mind and body need a refreshing change of pace to recharge and remain focused
Convenient, Safe, Efficient, Enjoyable, Effective and Affordable
Massage Therapist will provide all Equipment and Supplies
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