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Keeping Blondes Bright 

August, 12 2020

Hello everyone,

Mindy, here from A Touch of Heaven Beauty & Wellness Spa, sharing some information for KEEPING BLONDES BRIGHT.* I am a blonde that does not relish the reddish gold under tones that appear in my own locks. To battle them, I have learned (mostly the hard way) that all blonde hair is NOT the same. This info is for those already with blonde hair. Those trying to achieve it is a whole different article.

Purple Shampoo is not for me no matter what!! My hair grabs it with a death grip in two point zero seconds leaving me with heather grey or purple hair!! However, it is a good product for others to consider. One key note is not to use it too much or too soon after lightening. Too much use can actually make your hair look dull or dark. If your hair has had a blonde toner or color applied... use cooler temp water to wash and rinse. Also, a water filter will help avoid the deposit or build up of color-depleting minerals.

In between salon visits, schedule a gloss treatment to revive your fabulous locks. This could add weeks of glistening do's to your style. This works with all hair color choices.

Be mindful of pools and hot tubs. Chlorine can and will strip the life out of you mane. Try to wash hair soon after to make sure your protecting your investment.

NOT ALL HAIR PRODUCT IS THE SAME!!!! Ask a professional what would be best for you and your hair.

When receiving a spray tan, always wear a cap. No need to deposit the tanning over-spray on your hair. We all know what tanning beds can do to your skin. They also can dry out your hair. :(

Ask your professional stylist for OLAPLEX to be added to all chemical hair services. It will help protect your hair from the damage that can happen.

Blonde hair or highlights can be enjoyed more when the right steps are taken to care for it. I look forward to wearing my sunglasses. I will need to protect my eyes from all those BRIGHT SHINING BLONDES. :b

Tips for Great Summer Hair Days!!

July, 17 2017

There are a lot of things you can do to prevent summer damage to your hair. First and foremost, you need to put yourself on a preventative care regimen by using a good leave-in conditioner.

Dry hair seeks to regain moisture, the drier your hair becomes the more it will frizz because dry hair wants to soak up the moisture in the humid air. Leave-in conditioners do an amazing job at sealing in your hair’s natural moisture and oils. A quality leave-in conditioner does so much, it reduces frizz, prevents breakage, adds shine, smooths, protects color, and helps to prevent heat damage from styling tools.

Your hair is very vulnerable in the summer because of added environmental exposure and stresses. Saltwater, mineral deposits, and pool chlorine also take a toll on your hair by stressing out, drying out and stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Protecting your hair outdoors can be as easy as wearing a hat or scarf, however, if you want to keep your locks out in the open then your leave-in conditioner can be your hair’s best friend.

A few additional tips:

Keep your hair trimmed in the summer. Trimming off dry ends helps to prevent splitting and breakage.

Always soak your hair in cold water and apply a leave-in conditioner before hitting the waves or diving into the pool. If your hair is drenched with clean water and leave-in conditioner, it won’t absorb as much saltwater or pool chemicals. When applying leave-in conditioner blot away excess water from cleansed hair and gently massage it in. After you go for a swim, rinse hair in fresh water and reapply your leave-in conditioner before resuming your outdoor activities.


Talk to your stylist about how to best protect your hair and have a great summer!

Corporate Massage Therapy

December, 7 2016

What is Corporate Massage Therapy?

A Licensed Massage Therapist will travel onsite to provide Therapeutic or Relaxation Massage at their workplace.

  • Massages are usually shorter in duration. Generally they are 15 or 30 minutes in duration but the amount of time can be set to accommodate the specific company.

  • Clients don’t have to travel. The massage therapist will come to your place of work and set up for the day. This saves a lot of travel time going to and from your massage appointment. This convenience is a huge time saver for the employee. Massage can be done during breaks or lunch.

  • Corporate massage is done right through your clothing. Employees can come for their massage and get right back to work feeling refreshed and energized. There is no down time other than the actual appointment. Its also a great introduction for employees not familiar with massage.

  • Corporate massage is a great way to say thank you to the employees or clients.

What are some Benefits of Corporate Massage Therapy?

  • Managing Stress - as muscular tension and pain are decreased, people feel an increase in energy and productivity

  • Decreasing Absenteeism - preventative health maintenance through Chair massage as well as the fact that people have something motivating to look forward to on days when massage practitioners are on-site.

  • Health Promotion and Wellness Programs - a unique and effective way to show workers that the employer cares about their well-being

  • Improving Employee Morale and Retention - employers can motivate employees and inspire loyalty by providing a supportive environment with the perk of healthy seated massage

  • Preventing burn-out, express appreciation for the late hours or extra time being put by workers During Extra Busy Times or Deadlines

  • Showing Appreciation for Employee Contributions - a great way to thank employees for a job well done or just to recognize their efforts and hard work

  • Company Events and Office Celebrations - wonderful gift for employees, clients ,colleagues

  • Intense Training Programs - when learning new information and integrating concepts while sitting for long periods, both mind and body need a refreshing change of pace to recharge and remain focused


Studies show that happy, healthy employees contribute to the overall success of a company. It is proven that people who receive regular massages have dramatically reduced workplace stress and related injuries. Reducing stress creates immediate and lasting results means a better working environment, with happier, healthier, more productive employees which contribute to the well being and success of the entire organization.

Coroprate Massage therapy is a Convenient, Safe, Efficient, Enjoyable, Effective and Affordable

Massage Therapist will provide all Equipment and Supplies


Senior Therapy

March 15, 2017

 A Touch of Heaven mission is to offer the very best, compassionate care for our aging or ailing loved ones. It is our goal to improve the physical and emotional wellness of our clients, and that is exactly what we do. We provide a loving therapeutic medical massage and in home salon services. Our clients may suffer from a number of irreversible and stress producing life changes.

We help minimize the physical, mental, and functional changes

that create anxiety or depression. At A Touch of Heaven every massage is tailored specifically for the needs of each of our clients. A licensed medical massage therapist will provide professional, attentive, age and condition appropriate massage. This kind of unconditional caring touch is a powerful acknowledgment to the individuals, regardless of the condition of the physical body, he or she still has value.

This focused attention in massage therapy sessions to residents

of health care facilities also has significant psycho-social benefits, including: one-on-one attention, skin-to-skin contact, tactile and sensory stimulation, an opportunity for social interaction, nurturing, reassurance, and comfort. This reiterates that they are still a whole human being. Our massage is a gentle therapy that can relieve many types of muscular tightness from short-term muscle cramp to a habitually tight region. Massage works powerfully on stimulating the nervous and lymphatic system and enhances relaxation.

Some of the other numerous benefits include:

Increase circulation

Increase appetite

Evokes better sleep

Increases flexibility/mobility

Stimulates the production of endorphins

Decreases pain or discomfort

Promotes tissue healing

Improvement in lymphatic flow, which increases the excretion of toxic substances from the body

Reduces swelling

Provides emotional support & meaningful contact

Enhances overall well being

Deepens breathing

Relieves joint pain

Stimulates bowels

Mental and physical relaxation

Our therapists will take time to make your massage session feel like "heaven." Soothing music, soft lighting, and even aroma lotion will help enhance the all over experience. For your convenience , A Touch of Heaven will travel to provide services at skilled or assisted living facilities, hospitals or even your home. Please let the therapist know all medical conditions or allergies when scheduling an appointment.

Call 513-307-2517 to set up an appointment for your loved one.

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