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Nail Services

Relax and enjoy a refreshing manicure service to give your fingernails a professional, clean and tidy look. We will trim and shape your nails and apply a top-quality professional nail shellac or polish of your choice. All pedicure services are designed to rejuvenate and beautify your feet. Experience the pleasure of a pedicure as we trim and shape your nails and cuticles, exfoliate dry skin and perform a soothing foot massage. Finish with polish of your choice to enhance and protect your nails.

Spa Manicure


Deluxe Manicure


Spa Pedicure


Deluxe Pedicure


Child Pedicure

12 yrs and under


Child Manicure 

12 yrs and under


Paraffin Dip


Gel Polish Only


Gel Spa Manicure


Gel Soak Off 


Sport Manicure


Sport Pedicure


Nail Art/Specialty 


Polish Change 


SNS Nails



SNS with Manicure


SNS with Full Set


SNS Set with Shellac/Gel 


Nail Art/ Specialty Polish/ French


SNS Soak OFF with service



Hot Stones


Lunch Time Peel


Paraffin Dip


Foot Mask


Hand Mask


Nail Art / Specialty Polish / French


Tanning Bed Prices

Unlimited Monthly Tanning


Per Month

up to 20 Min Session per visit

10 Tanning Session


 Use until gone. no expiration. 

up to 20 min per session

1 Tanning Session


Per Session

up to 20 mins per session

Spray Tan

Every spray tan is performed by hand. Our technicians are trained spray tanning experts, who will customize your tan specifically to your skin type & needs.

Partial Body Spray Tan $25

Full Body Spray Tan $35


  • Refrain from using deodorants, make-up, perfumes, lotions, or any other products that act as a barrier and inhibit the solution from absorbing to your skin thus preventing the development of your tan. Please try to avoid coming in with excessive sweat. We have a facility to wash off make-up if needed. 

  • If you have had a recent sunburn and are experiencing any peeling, wait until you are no longer peeling before spray tanning. Getting a spray tan while you’re peeling may result in a splotchy unpleasant tan.

  • Shave wherever you typically shave with a new razor before you exfoliate for your session.

  • Thorough exfoliation is vital to an even, long lasting, flawless tan. Exfoliation removes excess oils and dead skin cells to prepare skin to absorb a sunless tan

  • To exfoliate, please use a water-based exfoliator or shower gel. Scrub with loofah or wash cloth. Exfoliation gloves work wonders. If you already have a sunless tan on your skin, please scrub off completely before your session.

  • DO NOT USE ANY OILS or LOTION after your shower.


  • Be sure to wear loose fitting, dark clothing. Solution will wash off clothes & bed sheets in the wash.

  • DO NOT wear denim of any kind directly after session

  • NO Jeans, NO tight pants, NO tight shirts or dresses.

  • NO underwire bras or sports bras.

  • For footwear, we find that non-leather flip flops are best.

  • We suggest wearing our disposable underwear, an old or dark colored bathing suit or undergarment.

  • If you have leather seats in your car, we recommend bringing a towel to sit on for your ride home.

  • Prepare for your trip home after your tan if it rains. You must stay completely dry for 8 hours after your tanning session. Plan ahead and wear long sleeves, long pants, cover your feet, and please bring an umbrella.

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